This topic has been on my heart for a long time. My children, your children, everyone’s child has a very special place in my heart. I use to be a soccer coach in El Paso Texas, Fort Leavenworth Kansas, Seoul Korea, and Japan. I think I have coached close to 15,000 kids in my life from age 4-18. I always use to go to the schools to check on my soccer players grades, because as a coach that is the right thing to do. I want you to know most of the kids that I coached were very poor and could not afford the soccer fee nor pay for the soccer uniforms; most of this money came out of my pocket. So five days a week and all day every Saturday, I would be on the soccer fields coaching children about soccer and the game of life. I really did not care if we won the game; the most important point was to make them realize they could be whatever they wanted to be in life as long as they did not quit and set high goals for themselves. “Wow”, sound like the same thing Empower Network is trying to teach all of us; just follow what has already been given to you and never, never, never, quit.

Most of the kids I coached in soccer came from broken homes or most only had one parent living at home. I became like a father to most. I can tell you right now I consider all of the children I coached in soccer as my very own. I loved them as if they were my own son or daughter. Many of my players, I had the opportunity to see them go off to college. I think during this period of time in my life I thought that I was teaching the kids about soccer; but they were teaching me about the game of life. I want to tell you these kids came from all walks of life; I could care less what color their skin was; all I saw was the passion, fire, and never quit look in their eyes. I was sometimes lost for words, and most times I just had to cry when one of them would say to me words like; ” thank you coach”, ” I love you coach”; “You are like a father to me coach”, “thanks for taking us home tonight”; “thanks for paying for my soccer fee”;”you really do love us coach”; “we are going to miss you coach”; “pray for us coach”. You never know when you will have an impact on someone’s life. Empower Network is like a big family, where everyone care about each other. I have never felt this much love from an organization before empowernetwork.

I will never forget one of my eleven soccer teams (under-16 gold girls) was playing for the in the title game and the score was 1-1 with four minutes to play. I would always tell my players if you want something bad enough then go get it and leave nothing on the soccer field. I yelled out on the field with four minutes to play; “what are you waiting for-take your game to the next level”; “reach down and make them remember who you are and where you come from”;”did you come this far for second place”; 13 hour bus ride back to El Paso, Texas; the girls knew this because the year before we came in second place and everyone was crying on that long bus ride back home. I told them after the game sometime the best team does not win but you can set the conditions next time that the best team will won. Almost like magic the center midfielder cross to the right forward, who cross to the left forward; we had ten players in the box cross midfield; the numbers were perfect; we score from a cross shot by the center forward; we won the game with one minute to go. The part I want you to understand is because of teamwork, communications, being proactive, listening to the coach; and the ability to take their game to the next level the game won the game. I can tell you what I learn being a soccer coach made me the type of person I am today.

I can lead you to the water but I cannot make you drink. Empowernetwork does not really care about your skill level as long as you are
Willing to learn and follow instructions each day. There is nothing hard about this business; just do the same thing that I am during right now. People want to hear about what you have gone thru in your life. W learn when people share information. This blog may not be perfect or meet your standard but it is the truth and it come from my heart. I am very grateful to empowerneywork. They have allowed me just to be myself.

I want to lock arms with you right now…….

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This program empower network why is it this popular? This is the question for people who have not tried out empower network program will ask themselves. Empower network program is a solution to people who in search of a way to make money blogging and other online marketing techniques. This program was started back by two friends David Wood and David Sharpe who saw a way of making money online through internet marketing. These guys were good enough to share their tricks of making money.

Before you get all hyped and join the program, first understand what are benefits involved. The benefits can just give you appetite to join even faster. First this empower network program is easy to install and not technical know-how is necessary to use the program. Do you have basic computer skills like browsing around the web? If so, you are the candidate the system cannot discriminate.

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Marketing your own products online is not an easy task but with the help of empower network everything can be done. This program allows its users to promote their products by use of backlinks. These back links are posted on social networks that help potential clients get in touch with you the seller.

Empower network has been around for awhile now and is still going strong. This age of its domain gives it an edge when it comes to searching content using Google. Google gives priority to an aged domain and good SEO content. This is the reason why empower network is considered as an authority site by Google.

Every new user that creates an account with empower network will be given a new blog to fill with content. There are thousands of content that is submitted daily to empower network and all this blogging is accommodated by great hosting servers. There is no time to find the empower network site down because of traffic this shows how much they can be trusted. With your content hosted under empower network it will always pop up first during the search results as long as you use the correct keywords that a user will use in searching for content.

It is not easy to get your head around the technology unless you are a natural. Empower network takes away this entire problem that involves programming and offers a simple platform for fun blogging to continue. Most people will quit business opportunities just because online marketing is a problem. One either the technology is hard to get around or make money blogging is not their thing. That is about to change if you create a username with empower network.

The problem with starting your own blog is that a lot of content is needed. Such content include product to blog about, graphics, setting up and optimizing the blog. For an empower network blog, all of this is provided all you need is the product to promote and start blogging. Additional features that are not easy to master but are provided by this program are sales funnel, upsells and retention program, and a guide to create a good sales letter. With all these components incorporated, it is now possible to make money blogging online.

The part of making money online is real. Empower network makes sure that you get 100% commissions from the referring people to the empower network blog product. Furthermore, as an active member you get paid $25 per month which is deposited directly to your bank account. Read more about success stories about empowering network programs and make that big decision of making money online.

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I grew up in Alexandria VA, and came from a very poor background. I had to struggle most of my life and have been in internet marketing for 10 years. I fully understand how it feels to make no money online. Empower Network pays 100% commission, and you will make money if you have the drive. I was tired of always having to “think” about money. Tired of always “crunching” numbers to see if this months income was going to cover the bills.

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There are people who face the challenge of limited income, limited free time and the monotony of a daily grind. In recent years, the impact of online marketing has given some of these people the opportunity to expand their capacity to earn money. With these opportunities, life choices have grown to include new homes, cars, lifestyle and financial freedom that previously did not exist.

For me, the prospect of a day-to-day job taking up most of my time did not present any appeal. At the same time, I needed to pay rent, put gas in the car and eat. Online marketing seemed a viable alternative to the regular nine-to-five. It was more challenging than I expected it to be. There are several challenges that present themselves in internet marketing. Here are a few.

1. Competing for Attention:

Getting a single voice heard in the noise that is the internet is a tremendous challenge. Competing with leading marketers, and their resources, to ensure that their product gets attention is a daunting task. In addition, social media easily distract internet audiences. That means finding strategies that quickly turn the limited time a searcher gives to your site into a moneymaking transaction.

2. Working Alone:

Although my goal was to work without the hassle of a job, working alone meant taking a long time to get some painful and expensive lessons. The strategies I have learnt as an online marketer did not come from a book. Strategies have been honed from actual successes and failures.

3. New Content:

Generating new content for all the websites I created was near impossible. I needed to find a way to leverage my capacity. I needed to network. This allowed me to expand my reach and create content that did not necessarily rely on my own resources.

Empower Network’s Viral Blogging System deals with these concerns. The simple system allows anyone to follow a three-step system to can lead to immense success. The first step involves watching a video that gives the steps in the process. It provides the sequence in which each action leads to your new business. The next step involves downloading the checklist. A series of videos and assignments detail how the system works and shows how to get your business operational. The final step is starting blogging. This is the point at which you begin to put into practice what has been taught. At the end, the sooner you begin to follow the steps, the sooner you begin earning money.

The system does not guarantee any minimum or maximum income. This is entirely dependent on the effort and resources available to you. It does provide, however, a real opportunity for financial freedom.

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Why Would You Not Join A Proven Business; 100,000 people could not be wrong? I can write you emails for the next 5 years but if you donot take any action today, it really does not matter. Empower Network does not care about what color you are; what country you come from; or what your current status is right now. We have people from all walks of life that has join this business. If you are lazy and does not have the drive to want to make money; then we can not help you. Guess what? We provide everything you need to be successful and make money. What are you waiting on; for lighting to hit you in the head? Just join and get on with your life; make the right decision for your family right now; just be proactive and Join.



Look folks people will continue to lose their jobs over the next three to five years. What if you lose your job tomorrow? Can you support your family for 6-12 months while you are out of work looking for a job. Can you send your children to college based on your current salary? Do you spend enough time with your family or are you a slave to your job. I hope you see where I am going with this story. You donot know what may happen tomorrow or next month. I can tell you that Empower Network is not going any where any time soon. Have you define your family requirements for the future? Do you have your head in the water like a duck,; hoping that nothing will uproot your family current status.

Empower Network Core An Introduction to This Powerful Blogging System


I care about your future because Empowernetwork is in the business of helping people make money online. I care because I know folks have been not telling you the truth for years. I care because I was in your shoes 11 months ago. I care because your families deserve much better from you. I care because I can look you in the eyes and tell you the truth. I care because we can lock arms and fight all the forces that may come against us in the future. I am just a down to earth guy; nothing special about me; but I know for sure Empower Network will take your game to the next level. With or without you, we are going to move forward with EmpowerNetwork. Empower Network really is one big family that just care about people. I love Empower Network mainly because I have a direct link to the Key Leaders in this program anytime I want to. I talk to them on facebook each day and once a week I get a chance to get online and heard from some of the top business folks in the internet business marketing world. These guy will just make you hungry for knowledge and want to make money.

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